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Strategies Built Around you so we can buy  your commercial property more quickly, private and in a very unique way through the Global Investment Firm.

 With the Global group of investors and hedge funds, we can offer you the opportunity to access billions for any large investment type and at the same time by keeping your property sale private, secure and off-market.

At Global Investments Group, they are fellow Investors with a passion to help you explore investment  opportunities of the  world. With more than 75 years combined experience you can be sure we are devoted to finding the best offer  for your commercial investment plans.

Are you thinking of selling?

Make an appointment for a free valuation of your property by real investor. We view the numbers not only for ourselves but also for partner group that would be interested in your commercial property, so we take a different approach altogether, than most other firms do. We will ask for all financials, advise you on a realistic asking price by submitting a good offer and we explain our way of working for purchasing  your commercial property,

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Global Investments®

is an AI-driven real estate brokerage platform based in the United States, focused on investing in commercial, on-market and off-market, Commercial distressed real estate investment opportunities in the United States and around the globe.

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House On The Hill

Waste no time in viewing this truly stunning property. The property's surroundings really set it apart, offering idyllic sea views overlooking a park.

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Moutain View

The house is surrounded by garden terraces that create unique spaces and an intimate ambience. With no overlooking neighbours, the garden offers real privacy.

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Paradise Residence

Elegant, modern sophisticated architecture with an impressive in large scale home designed with the finest imported finishes. Pyrgon, marble and wood floors...

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Global Investment Strategies

Increased speed to close

With over 500+ and growing successful Commercial Real Estate transactions done so far.

 At Global we  have 2 proprietary networks we use, the Global On-Market and Global Off-Market (GLN) On-Market and Off-Market Network for direct for seller and/or Broker and then the Global Direct Network or (GDN) Total Off-Market System of Global investors and Global hedge funds Direct

We buy your commercial property

At Global Investments Firm, its easy, we make a very nice offer and when accepted, for your   commercial sale and when it is confirmed and we can close very rapidly. 

Send us your photos and current financials

If you can send us the best photos and information you have on your property, we would be more than happy to discuss and make an offer, we will also require the most current financials.

Premium Quality

We are committed to delivering high-quality services that enhance your commercial property through the Global Investment Group process.

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